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I have been working with Windows 7 recently and since it does not ship with Windows Messenger, I had to install Windows Live Messenger on it.  In doing so, I noticed a lot of new features in that product, including integration with a number of Web 2.0 items.  One of those features is to add […]


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No sooner had I posted about the abysmal 88.blacklist.zap, that I now find our mail servers at the mercy of BarracudaCentral.  Yet again, here is an organization totally unwilling to work with fellow mail administrators and unresponsive to phone calls or requests for information.  I have no idea how, when or why my domains have […]


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Well, I just had my first interaction with 88.blacklist.zap informing me that one of my E-mail messages had been blocked because mail from my mail server IP address was banned.  News to me!  Well, first things first.  I already subscribe to one of the best monitoring and management systems around called MxToolbox.  They informed me […]